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Empowering Data Management

An AI-based platform for private and government sectors that helps to retrieve, exchange and manage data in an intelligent way



KMA 9x9

Access hundreds of existing data sources through one-of-a-kind KMA 9x9 technology with GIS

Performance Analysis

Use innovative and secure algorithms to analyze every piece of connected data

Connected Data Sources

Safely connect your data sources to the system and start analyzing valuable data right away

Monitoring and Control

Onboard users, establish a hierarchy, collect data and manage activity in real-time

Internal Deployment

Use KMA Eyes as a cloud solution, or within your own infrastructure


Two-factor authentication, data encryption, and VPN access effectively protect all data in the cloud


See our KMA EYES use case

How it Works

KMA Eyes is a secure interface that helps to process all kinds of data, no matter the source. It changes the way governments and businesses handle their operations today so that they can better prepare for what tomorrow brings.

How it works

Solution for Ministries

Converts dispersed sources of information into a single data stream to provide a better picture of your organization's day-to-day operations and the needs of people it serves.

  • Monitor the performance of your departments

  • Search, collect and analyze data to improve performance

  • Identify hidden relationships and detect anomalies using AI

  • Visualize data in real-life scenarios to solve any issues before they take place

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Solution for Citizens

Helps taxpayers develop a service-style relationship with their federal, state or local governments. Citizens will no longer have to worry about lost requests or applications that were never properly escalated to the Board — Be seen. Be heard. Be counted.

  • Upload all required documents and information in just a few clicks

  • Send targeted requests and track their progress

  • Directly contact local governments and solve your problems

  • Visualize data in real-life scenarios to solve any issues before they take place

Solution for Departments

Masters the way how government entities deal with diverse data types — reports, applications, and requests. The app helps to get rid of inefficient and obsolete day-to-day-operations, find fast solutions and boost department productivity.

  • Receive all your data in one single place

  • Automate manual work and eliminate inefficient operations

  • Receive direct requests and share progress updates

  • Communicate with citizens

Coming Soon
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Redefine the way you manage your daily operations

Government Sector

Automate manual work, process all data in one place

Business Sector

Assess opportunities, discover new markets, make risk-free decisions





Civil Service



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